Statute – Regulation

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The Crispolti Contemporary Art Archive Association has managed the public activities of the Archive since 1990.

From February 2022 it becomes   the Enrico Crispolti Archive Association of Contemporary Art – APS . Inserted in the RUNTS (Single National Register of the Third Sector) as a social promotion association.

Since the death of its Founder (2018), the objectives that the Association proposes are:

  1. Analyze the historical-critical method of Enrico Crispolti and the role that this has had in the contemporary art panorama through: the conservative organization, the cognitive deepening, the specialized enhancement and the popular promotion of the material he published, the re-edition of the his fundamental texts currently out of print, the publication of the materials he prepared, and remained unpublished, relating to contemporary art between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 21st century.
    1. The study of Crispolti’s
      1. personal bibliography
      2. activity as a professor
      3. activity as a cultural promoter
      4. activity as a collector
    2. The dissemination of Crispolti’s ideas and documents through the Association’s website, social networks and Archive projects
    3. The realization of a number of activities
      1. for the Library : the cataloging in SBN of all the publications present and the preparation of the bibliography of Crispolti to be published on the Site
      2. for the Archive : the filing and digitization aimed at online consultation of the material.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Support research on Contemporary Art through:
        1. Promotion of projects related to the activity of Enrico Crispolti
        2. The establishment of a scholarship “dedicated to him
        3. The granting of patronage to worthy research initiatives
        4. The creation of a study center on urban art
        5. The organization, participation or management of cultural initiatives including
          • conferences
          • exhibitions
          • competitions


Since 2019 the Association is chaired by Manuela Crescentini Crispolti.

From December 2020, at the behest of the heirs Manuela, Livia, and Valerio, the Association makes use of a Scientific Advisory Commission consisting of: Raffaele Bedarida, Massimo Bignardi, François Burkhardt, Anna Casalino, Angelo Casciello, Maria Fratelli, Ignazio Gadaleta, Ilia Galan , Laura Iamurri, Davide Lacagnina, Anna Mazzanti, Luca Pietro Nicoletti, Franco Purini, Ilaria Schiaffini.

The logos of the Archive, initially designed by Ennio Tamburi, have been created by Ignazio Gadaleta since 1996.
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